Rdio, more than a replacement for Napster in Canada

Napster Canada’s last day on the Earth is December 16, 2011.

Quite a ride that was! I was on Napster the first days I landed in Canada, at the end of Y2K.

Thank you, Napster, but it’s time to move on.

Napster - I used it for 11 years

It took less than one day of research to find a music service to replace Napster. There’s not that many, really, here in Canada.

In fact, I found only one that allows playing music offline without purchasing it: Rdio

I listen music a lot offline on my phone or mp3 – Toronto’s subway commute is offline, of course. So are most of the streets and parks and I don’t want to use my limited megs on my smartphone’s plan.

In fact, Rdio is more than a replacement for Napster:

= Rdio has a ‘family plan’ where my wife and me can have separate accounts, separate playlists etc. With Napster it was a pain in the neck. Only one of us could use the service at a time, and all the music was in one bucket. Needless to say, aside from Supertramp, Free and Barry White, my wife has a music taste at the opposite side of the spectrum -)

As for the music catalog, decent is the word. Most of my tests have passed, as you can see in the screenshots below. From “sidestream” artists (Meredith Monk, Stephan Micus, Wooden Shjips) to progressive-rock gems   (Eloy, VDGG) to up to date “mainstream” releases (Kate Bush).

Some notable missing names in the ‘indie’ compartment (e.g. Seattle’s funkers The Staxx Brothers; Orgone) – but Rdio was quick to assure me that they’re working on adding names per people’s request. Will see if Staxx Bros is in there by Christmas -)

In brief: thank you Rdio for coming to Canada, perfect timing!

(Rdio launched in Canada the fall of 2011).


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