2011 in review: my favorite concerts

The only reason for presenting such a list to the public: hope to turn you onto these artists and their music.


I don’t go to concerts that often anymore.

Raising a 5-yr old, plus being selective with age reduces my live action to probably 20-30 gigs each year.

Having said that, 2011 was outstanding.

Firstly: I got to see live an artist I was waiting since 1990, Meredith Monk.

Being forced to live behind the Iron Curtain, I only got to the Western world in 2000 at the age of 32. I came with a "want to see live" list of essential artists, in a sense that they changed my life. Some of them died before I got to see them. Fortunately Meredith is well alive and actively working in her '70s.

I feel lucky that the pain endured during communist years is rewarded now with a special flavor of freedom: seeing artists live.


My definitive 2011-live concert list, in chronological order is next. What’s yours?

  • Meredith Monk in Manhattan, New York – June 2011 – Education of the Girlchild Revisited;
  • Galactic in Toronto – June 2011, promoting their live album.
  • Steve Wilson at the Opera House in Toronto in November – the Grace for Drowning tour


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