2011 retrospective: sweet deals (Air Miles, Via Preference) vs. ripoffs (Urban Express, Extreme Fitness)

2011 sweet deals

Programs that worked for us in 2011:

  • Air Miles = we rewarded ourselves with no less than 3 monthly transit passes using Air Miles;
  • Via Preference  from Via Rail: our 3-member family traveled by train for free between Montreal and Quebec City this summer by redeeming points collected in 1-2 years.

2011 ripoffs

  • EXTREME FITNESS (in downtown Toronto) – when we were trying to give 30-day notice after 3-4 months into the contract, they waved their contract in front of our eyes: it states you have to pay 9 months before getting out; and they threatened – not even veiled, but in-your-face style – my wife (their client) with various nightmare scenarios, including collection and court. Yes, I know, you need to read what you sign. But the way they deceive and work you into signing the paper is light-years away from their behavior for when you want out.

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