Verandah resort in Antigua

We just came back from a week at the all-inclusive resort Verandah, in Antigua.

It is a peaceful place with a beautiful setup, along the rugged Eastern coast of the island.

A view from the bar at the top of the beach.

The “peaceful” aspect is the most important, as you will have quiet in abundance.

No entertainment during the day at the pool, no entertainment on the 2 small, secluded beaches, quiet entertainment at night around the pool. Quiet, quiet, quiet. If you value that, Verandah is a great provider.


Caveat: accommodations are in semi-detached villas. The walls are thin and you can hear what the neighbors are watching on TV.

We were lucky to have calm neighbors, and the resort seems to attract people that go to bed early and to impose a calm attitude to the otherwise lively people.

The staff is attentive, but there is nothing they can do about it. This is just a structural flaw.

It could work to your advantage if you travel with another family (such as grandparents or friends).


We loved the fact that there were plenty of families with kids aged 5-10, so our 6-year old found companionship easily.

We also appreciated the resort having a small, secluded pool for adults-only, and a second beach even quieter than the main one.

We loved the mini-golf, and enjoyed strolling along the slopes on immaculate grounds.

Our photo gallery is here.

A little video clip with the entertaining golf-cart shuttle ride is here.

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