Kick scooter trails: Toronto Islands

I know that the “war” today is between bicycle and car.

But when it comes to the recreational (as opposed to practical) use of 2-wheeled, human-propelled vehicles, my heart goes to the kick scooter instead of bicycle.


I did a little (not much, just a little) research on the web looking for documented kick scooter trails. Found none!

Enter my blog series about kick scooter trails.

I will start with the ones that I tested myself around the house (I live in Toronto, Ontario).

The beauty with the kick-scooters is that one can easily fold them and put them in the trunk. Not to mention that an excellent kick scooter for adults can be purchased for about $100 or less.

If you are a kick scooter enthusiast and want to share trails, I will happily publish them here!

Just download the Excel template, fill it in and send it back in an email to me.


A little note before talking about the first trail.

These recommendations are more for adult-people looking for some calm moments rather than for athletes. Most of the trails are doable as a family as well, but the length of the trail may need to be scaled down a little if you take your 6-year old with you.


Introducing the Toronto Islands Kick Scooter Trail!

click on the picture to enlarge it
A little rest at the Wards Island beach during a kick scooter adventure on Toronto Islands!
(in this picture: friend Mircea Panzaru)

My gear

I use a foldable Razor A5 Lux Adult Kick Scooter.

It costs around $100.

Download the template for rating trails (Excel 2007 file):

GeorgeMotoc KickscooterTrails


Toronto Lakeshore West – along the Lake Ontario shore. Subway accessible.


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  1. Hi, I just ordered my scooter, and would mostly arrive by next week sometime. Thanks for all your info! My friend and I are designing some customizable straps for scooters and if you know of anyone who’d be interested in them, let us know! We also started a scooter page to try and promote this more so in Canada! I live in Toronto too and my friend lives in Victoria! Please join our page and help us out! This would be great!

    • Great stuff!
      Designing a strap for my razor was on the list but never got to it, so I am HAPPY that you did it!
      Send me pics and a price (my email is in Contact Me).
      Thanks for the visit and see you on the trails (my goal this year is Niagara on the Lake to the Falls).

      • Thanks for the response! I just hope scooters would be more popular, and I know there are already scooter riders but more would be cool! It’s great! if you click on my name, there’s a direct link to our facebook page.

        We’ve finished our prototype, and seeing how we can finalize it, patent it, and then sell it since we think it would benefit many scooter owners!

        I will definitely contact you, sending you pics and a price once we get there!

        Take care! see you on the trails!

        I just saw that you joined our page! thanks! for everyone else, here’s our link:

      • Hey! It’s Monique here! (The scooter advocate from Canadian Scooter Revolution!). I’m in charge of the design of the straps and making them…I just finished my first prototype for the strap and it works! Just a few adjustments and it should be good to go! It’s just the first step. (Sewing everything by hand! LOL…cheaper for now but if it takes off, ill have to find a place to produce them). Thinking of having covers for them (for kids and adults) or something rather, something different than the Xootr strap and micro strap. Everyone like accessories! Oh, and btw, I own the razor A5 Lux as well:) Awesome cheap scooter!

  2. Hi Monique! Once you have the product, you can apply for funding at Dragons Den. I know it, I’ve been there -)
    Looking forward to buying some straps and covers for my A5!
    Thanks for visiting my blog – a new trail description coming soon.

  3. I would love a nice strap for my A5 Lux Razor, but the thing is heavy and, and even with a strap, I feel like it’ll still be bouncing off my bum every time I step because I’m short. It definitely limits my desire to use it in my every day downtown Toronto life.

    • Sorry to hear that, Sarah, but cannot agree more. Downtown is for walking with solid shoes and that’s about it. Not friendly for cycling, kickscootering or anything else but walking.
      Same story in Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, Seattle (seen them all).
      That’s why I’d like to summarize the paths where the scooter can be enjoyed efortlessly and in peace.

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