Don’t miss these FREE parties at Luminato 2012!

I am still in awe after seeing Natacha Atlas live at one of the free, generously thrown parties at Luminato 2011.

After all, it’s the only place you get to see these European artists.

They won’t come any other time of the year in Toronto because nobody else books them.

Thankfully, Luminato thinks different – and in 2012, it brings Jovanotti  (Friday June 15) and Shantel (Sat June 16)!



I played SHANTEL in my podcast as early as 2009 (check the audio for a taste of his addictive, Eastern European hooks).

He is not exactly from the Balkans, but rather from Moldavia. He calls Germany home and has a proven record of throwing hot parties all over Europe –  you will dance!

Go see Shantel especially if you are a brass-music fan, be it New Orleans or Balkans.

Jovanotti is, of course, an Italian music legend. He’s been around for a while (I remember playing him in my FM period, early 90s!).

He can set up the audience on fire for sure!

Check the concert dates on Luminato’s site.

Here’s a 2-track mixtape with SHANTEL and JOVANOTTI to give you a taste.



Track 1: Shantel feat. Boban Markovic Orkestar – Disko (friends of Boban Mix)

Track 2: Jovanotti – L’Ombelico Del Mondo

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