Steve Toltz – quotes from A Fraction Of The Whole

Don’t worry, it will not spoil the reading.

I just finished A Fraction Of The Whole, the 2008 debut novel from Australian author Steve Toltz.

It was recommended to me by a person whose nickname is Ignatius J. Reilly.

I say it whole-heartedly: the “Fraction”  belongs right there, near A Confederacy of Dunces.

It “only” took me 6 months to read it because there’s a wealth of good writing on each page.  The reading is intense.

I sampled a few quotes (on Toltz’s favorite themes, such as loneliness and death) for you as an appetizer. Don’t worry, it will not spoil the reading.


About artists and God.

About cat names.
About loneliness
About death
About inventions and bucket lists (a la Daniil Harms)
Half the time (a la Woody Allen)
About loneliness
Suicide notes
About the internet


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    • Pai, cum zice englezu, “lasa-ma sa stiu” daca ai gasit-o in limba natala sau ondaleste-olandeste. Ca altfel mi-oi face drum la posta, cu drag. In romaneste o fost sigur tradusa.

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