2012 lists worth keeping handy

Being inundated by “best of 2012” lists, but still a sucker for those lists?

Same here.

Therefore I developed the healthy skill of setting apart those ones that may contain hidden treasures.

It’s a given: you will end up looking for inspiration at some point during the year. Here are just a few of them to keep you busy and hopefully enlarge your perspective on audio and music.


Romanian music critics – jazz and experimental

There are plenty of music connoisseurs in Romania, my mother country.

Fortunately, a few of them publish their website editors’ lists and, for those of you looking for jazz and experimental music, they are pure gold. Read them here.

French music critics from Liberation – jazz

Only three albums on this list, but plentiful of links beyond jazz, should you enjoy the preferences of these French guys.

Luca Capone:  Friday night DJ at York University Radio in Toronto – adventurous mix of artists and genres, ranging from Afro-beat to Psychedelic Folk

And here’s the younger generation’s valuable opinions!

“The Night Shift, hosted by Luca Capone, is a live radio program that features a diverse, adventurous mix of artists and genres, ranging from Afro-beat to Psychedelic Folk, presented in an overall wacky, yet sexual manner.
Tune in every Friday night, 12:00am to 2:00am on CHRY 105.5FM, listen online at http://chry.fm/, or check out my podcasts at http://www.mixcloud.com/NightShiftCHRY/”

I loved my university years (1988 – 1993) because of people like Luca, a liaison for music appasionatos.

Luca’s taste is impeccable, I am grateful to him for sharing some light on artists that I would probably never find.

Here is Luca’s list of 40 favorite albums of 2012

Audio treasures – via Nieman Foundation

If you are an enthusiast of the audio medium as I am, you will enjoy this list compiled by a prestigious forum

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