These are the music subscription services available in Canada

I found this list on the newsletter from the Canadian Music Publishers Association.


Personally, I used Napster until it left Canada, and now I use Rdio for $10 a month subscription. Here is why I think Rdio is more than a Napster replacement for me.  Despite the competition, limitations and some goofy software releases, Rdio managed to hold me as a customer.

Here is the list of available services, yours to pick for the price of a CD a month (some of them even “free” – there is no free, we all know):


BBM Music,




Music Unlimited,,


Siren Music,




The Vault,


Xbox Music,

YouTube and



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  1. Wow, good list! For some reason it’s really difficult to find this information with just Google searches. A lot of these companies just don’t advertise enough or get their name out. I agree that Rdio is actually a fantastic service. I use it throughout the day every day and I have almost no complaints about it.

    One thing though: I wouldn’t group Slacker, Songza, and some of the others in this same list. I believe “music subscription service” specifically refer to services that give you on-demand access to songs and albums. I usually call the others “personalized web radio” services.

  2. i also use and live rdio. but being on limited data plan and no wifi at home, it seems to eat a lot of data. i used my dad’s wifi to find new music and used more than half a gigabite just listening to music. is there another service that isn’t so hard on my data? or is that kind of info not available yet?

    • Rdio’s latest release (at least the one for Android) claims to address the data problem. Unfortunately I lost my trust in Rdio’s ability to produce software. My Rdio stopped working on the phone more than one month ago, and this release did nothing to fix it.
      Rdio is secretive and there is no info about the data consumption.
      Forget about dealing with their customer support – they are swamped following staff cuts last fall.
      It goes down.
      In Canada we have no google All Play service yet, but let’s hope it arrives soon – at least it will be a native Android app.

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