Romanian musician Florin Chilian wins a copyright lawsuit with the government

Romanian singer/songwriter Florin Chilian (@FlorinChilian) recently won a 6-year long lawsuit against Romania’s Ministry of Culture for copyright breach of his song “Zece” (Ten).

Chilian – a beloved performer and well regarded songwriter – is a signed artist with Romanian publisher Roton

Florin Chilian (source: Facebook)
Florin Chilian (source: Facebook)

After years of legal disputes, he got a 10k euro compensation for Ministry of Culture using his song without consent during a national campaign titled “A book is better”, launched April 23, 2005.

He asked for one million when suing.

He is quick to state that he fought for a principle, not for money, as most of the 10 000 euros he got from the lawsuit were used to pay the lawyers anyway.

One cannot refrain from noting the irony of his compensation amount in relation with the title of the breached song.


The most intriguing part of the blog entry where Chilian broke the news , is where he states that Romanian secret services are milking artists of their copyright revenues.


Here’s a Romanian language interview with Chilian on Romanian news portal

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