TV host Liana Stanciu censors rapper by taking away his mike on live show

Romanian rapper from What’s UP collective  goes off script on national TV and gets his mike ripped off his hand by host Liana Stanciu!!
The rapper – born in 1989, the year Romanians killed Ceausescu and broke the communist dictatorship – launched an impromptu diatribe against Romania’s president and political class in general.
Liana Stanciu (born July 1971; her wiki is here) is a Romanian radio personality turned TV host.
She is being grilled by the Romanian artist community for her weird performance during the live TV summer show on Romanian National Television: she tries to interrupt the performance but her own mike is not working, then she goes on to commit the unpardonable sin of taking the mike out of the rapper’s hands.
Being married to a rock singer and being a close friend to many unconventional Romanian artists made Liana’s appearance even more deplorable.


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  1. Draga George Motoc. eu sunt Rodion Ladislau Rosca , compozitorul muzicii de pe the lost tapes Rodion G.A. SI DACA VEI AVEA TIMP , PUTEM SA SCHIMBAM CATEVA VORBE . toate cele bune ! : rodion

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