The fading business of – and no one there to tell you why

I joined  (for those of you born after Netflix, is the service that mails you DVDs for a monthly pay) right in their bright, sunny beginnings (mid 2000s).
They quickly smashed their competition, and established themselves as a force, even mightier than the current Netflix.
Apparently the juice has run out.
Here is why – after 900 DVDs in my rental history – I am about to quit.
I pay $30.45 each month to get 11 DVDs.
Always maintained an average of 50-80 titles on the list
August: 8 shipments out of 11 = $2.76 / DVD
Sep: 5 out of 11 = $6.09 / DVD
Oct: 8 out of 11 = $2.76 / DVD
November: 2 weeks in a row without any DVD shipped (I had less than 4 in, so they should mail the next one). It is Nov 19th and got 5 shipments so far.
It is almost a cheaper to instantly get the latest releases on Rogers On Demand than to wait for weeks for a 2-year old DVD from zip (no, latest releases are almost impossible to get on zip).
Customer service: FAIL
– no email provided by zip
– live chat: tried for 2 days in a row, around 1030 hours. Waited for 40 minutes without being answered, and then gave up.
– missed shipments every month
– no customer service easily available
They cut costs that impacted the customer experience.
Their “no late fees” mantra comes back with a vengeance: people hold DVDs for long periods (as they are entitled to hold them as long as they want to), making them unavailable to others. Zip will not invest in extra stock.
I am really considering cutting off the service.
The only reason I stayed on Zip : their world cinema catalogue.
But I am looking around, really looking.
There must be options out there to see foreign movies, cheaper than $30 monthly.


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