4 reasons why Napster was 100 times better than Rdio and any other streaming service

1. Napster didn’t need a mobile app and an expensive phone. You listened to music on your 20-dollar mp3 player. Rdio’s Android app  stopped working on my phone (freezes while loading the first screen) and  I reached the epitome of their customer support chain: they made me use their beta app. It doesn’t work. Rdio is a dead end for me, as I only listen to Rdio on my smartphone.

2. Napster didn’t “sync over wifi”. “Sync” is the magic wand of the “mobile apps revolution”. I hate this word. I don’t mind connecting my mp3 player to my laptop with a cable, if I get the job done in seconds. Sync-ing on Rdio is a whole complex sad story, and if you want to use your 25 party playlists on your tablet, while having only 3-4 albums on your phone… good luck.

3. I never had to call Napster’s customer support. Their web app was plain and simple. The transfer to mp3 player was a breeze. They had no mobile app. But they had a phone number. Try calling Rdio and talking to a person…

4. Napster was reliable for all it’s 11 years  I have used it. Should it still be around, I would use it. I am on Rdio for 2 years and I almost left them after one year (they fixed the bug in the last day). Now they don’t have a solution to my freezing bug for a whole month and just forgot about me… time to move on.


Let’s be honest: the promise of seamlessly moving your music experience from the mp3 player to the smartphone was not fulfilled.

In fact, it’s a fail.

I struggled with Rdio for 2 years, but Deezer reviews on the Android market don’t look any better. Neither do Songza’s or other available services’.

Even Android-native Google Play Music All Access has people complaining (and they don’t even care of Canada).

Time to revisit my mp3 archive using my mp3 player hooked to my USB port in the car. Dire Straits, Kraftwerk, Van Der Graaf, here I come.


I forked the internet up and down to understand how Rdio develops for Android. They’re opaque. I noticed Rdio on a list of broken apps on ART, and the comments share a light that suggests there is something fundamentally wrong about their Android approach.

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