Best 2014 albums at Canadian Immigrant Song

The best albums of current music that came my way in 2014.

If you are on Google Music Play, you can listen the playlist here.

2014 albums

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The Souljazz Orchestra – Inner Fire:

An elaborate body of music, with new sounds tastefully inserted into the fabric (flute, vibraphone).

The Souljazz Orchestra remains Canada’s best horn-based funk outfit.
Julian Taylor Band – Tech Noir:
Toronto’s Julian Taylor is your fully rounded star: he’s got the looks, he’s got this beautiful, warm, flexible voice. But the real star on Tech Noir is… the songwriting. This is a collection of songs equally beneficial on long summer nights or during the cold, cold winter. The good songwriting on the album never takes a break. Just let it play and drive.
moe. – No Guts, No Glory
moe. ‘s 2014 release started as an “acoustic album idea” but ended up as a fully plugged adventure, recorded with a producer that carved a niche for himself in hip hop! No hip hop here, though, just creative writing and a great sound.
Reminisces of the acoustic embryo are tastefully spread  in the flow (vibraphone on This I Know and Same Old Story, an acoustic guitar intro/outro and bed on Calyphornya and so on).
HIGHLIGHT:  the incendiary heat of the Silver Sun (track #5) – should be climactic when performed live. I think of the song as the 24-hour cycle of the desert sun: welcome in the morning, a life assassin by noon, peaceful at night.
Tanya Tagaq – Animism
Archaic patterns in a compelling modern music package. For the adventurous in music. Deeply rewarding if you take the trip.
Animism won the Polaris Prize in 2014, awarded to the best Canadian album for the year.
Adrian Enescu – Invisible Movies
This is a hidden treasure coming to light for the first time!
Adrian Enescu’s oeuvre, spanning several decades beginning with the 1970s,  was denied global exposure due to restrictions behind the Iron Curtain in communist Romania.
It is time to dig into this 27-track wealth of Eastern European, never heard before electronica, film music and more.






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