Netflix Canada and its amazing music catalogue: 40 titles!

$8 /month for Netflix Canada is not a deal breaker.

It is cheap.

So how come have we got to expect more from Netflix Canada?

Cause I do: their music genre counts the “fabulous number” of 40 movies.

There are more rockumentaries, rock movies, radio movies or musicals in the personal archive of any single good friend of mine.

Netflix Canada's page for the Music genre.
Netflix Canada’s page for the Music genre.

For those of you not interested in Katy Perry and the likes, here are some recommendations. It took less than 5 minutes to compile the list!


Rockumentaries available on Netflix Canada:
Searching for Sugar Man
Another Day ANOTHER TIME: celebrating the music of Inside Llewin Davis
Neil Young Journeys
Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams
Talihina Sky: the story of KINGS OF LEON
Big Star: nothing can hurt me
Don’t stop believin’: everyman’s Journey
American masters: LennoNYC
Sunset Strip
Global Metal
Joe Strummer: the future is unwritten
Radio and rock journalism
Howard Stern Private Parts
Pirate Radio

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