An ode to being bad, via The Staxx Brothers: Black & Mild (with lyrics)

Lyrics below.

 The Staxx Brothers – the best brothers in entertainment since Blues Brothers – just launched (August 14, 2104 on YouTube) the first single of their next album. The single is titled “Black & Mild” and the album “Hot Chocolate”.

Of course, nowadays a new single is more than a single, it’s a story.

The ominous story in “Black & Mild” – directed by Ryan Cory – is supported by the polished, fully rounded and brilliant sound that the band mastered through hard work and hard touring over the years.

Sonically, there is a sexually loaded mix of funk + the band’s trademark “hard ass soul”.

The tension is perfectly paced, and at the climax here comes Ayo Dot (former member of the band, now with his own project in Seattle) resolving in style the “Black” enigma from the title of the song.

There are also the fabulous Staquelettes, drinking green potion from some lab tubes and then taking over the microphones to announce more trouble!


Own “Black & Mild”  in iTunes here.

Available on Google Play as well.


Here is the lyric sheet I got from Davin, the lead singer – exclusively for this blog!!

Black & Mild (harps: Dm & G)

If I call you come

make no mistake

I make ya’ shake

Like an 808


Bring ya’ ace

Lay ya’ bet

When I kiss ya’ lips

I’ll make your pussy wet


Pre Chorus disco: You see me you feel the heat,

I’m the reason why you get no sleep

& when you do, you grind your teeth

does anybody know you’re a fuh fuh fuh’ freak


Betch’ ya’ know that I’m Bad

Betch’ ya’ know that I’m Bad

(I’m bad, bad, bad / yes yes you do)

Betch ya’ know that I’m Bad

Betch ya’ know that I’m Bad

(I’m bad x4)


Girls say

He trouble here

He trouble there

he put it down

n’ she don’t care


look we informed

you Yo’ Momma’ warned you

“you a good girl” you…

do what you want to


(davin returns)

Now Shake ya’ back (Shake ya’ back)

Till day ain’t no bone (ain’t no bone)

Blow that smoke (blow that smoke

Let me hear you moan (lemme’ hear you moan)


Till ya’ purrrr (actually just purrr)

Is just a drone (no response then with me on last line)

Yo’ Boo call you up & then you throw out the phone

Big Chorus 2

The Bon Jovi part (a little joke about how bombastic it is)

Oh Yah’ oh weee oh yeah (Black & Mild) x4

Drop down to:

Oooooh I’m gonna’ get that girl x 4

Bridge begins

…Girls harmonize…

I can tell you (can’t remember if I say can’t or can lol)

This is ain’t the plan

I can’t imagine

You fuckin’ another man


His big ol’ dick

In your little hands

Ele, ele,

ele, ele


Ayo Rap

Hey brown suga, Can i get your name and your number

You lookin’ so good in that dress, maybe later on i can

undress ya

I wanna make love to you to the break o’dawn, I got a lotta


she ain’t having that, cause she ain’ that type of girl

Said her name was carolina, by the way of north Dakota

She wanna ride in the chevy nova, top down feel the

breeze all over

She like my style, she like my swag, she’s willing to


If i get on top and put it in just eleven times

Kinda wierd, but i ride with it

clothes off as i prepare to slide in it

I do the math, but the numbers ain’t adding up. shiii, well

i’m better of beating off

More curious than george you see, is the kitty bout to

purr is it bout to be a travesty


so I brace for the countdown like we bringing in the new

year, then she leans and starts to sing in my ear like

1 and 2 and 3 and 4……

Double Chorus style outro..

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