…and the best Romanian metal band is…

The  Maximum Rock magazine (a well respected, Romanian language online destination for metal and rock fans) published its 2014 lists.

Dirty Shirt (winners of the second place at Wacken in 2014; they hail from the same part of Transylvania as I do) are the best Romanian metal band.

The cover of "Dirtylicious", Dirty Shirt's 2015 upcoming album.
The cover of “Dirtylicious”, Dirty Shirt’s 2015 upcoming album.

Read the full list below…

1.Best Romanian Rock Band: Cristi Minculescu Band

2. Best Romanian Metal Band: Dirty Shirt

3. Best Romanian Rock Newcomer: I’m The Trip

4. Best Romanian Metal Newcomer: AnTheos

5. Best Romanian Rock Album: Sonatic – “Sunt

6. Best Romanian Metal Album: 9.7 Richter – “Ground Zero”

7. Best Romanian Festival: Rockstadt Extreme Fest

8. Best Show by a Romanian Rock/Metal Band: Cargo la Arenele Romane

9. Best Rock/Metal concert in Romania (foreign acts only): Amon Amarth la Arenele Romane

10. Best Romanian Rock / Metal Video: 9.7 Richter – “Sinner”

via Maximum Rock Magazin – Afla castigatorii la Maximum Rock Awards 2014.

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