First book of 2015: Trust – by Francis Fukuyama (1995)

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What’s in it for me, reading a book published in 1995?
Lots, actually.

Fukuyama – a thinker I wasn’t familiar with – looks at countries around the globe through the prism of trust levels ingrained in each one of them.  Think Japan, Germany, USA vs France, Italy, China.
The higher the trust the higher the prosperity.

Thus, economic activity represents a crucial part of social life and is knit together by a wide variety of norms, rules, moral obligations, and other habits that together shape the society. As this book will show, one of the most important lessons we can learn from an examination of economic life is that a nation’s well-being, as well its ability to compete, is conditioned by a single, pervasive cultural characteristic: the level of trust inherent in the society.

He reads my mind: I come from Transylvania, a part of the world where trust ranks at the top of social values.

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