Available at the Toronto Public Library: The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

Look what I found at the Toronto Public Library!


Read more and the go rent it!

Andrei Ujica – writer and director – is well known to Romanian music fans as co-lyricist (with Serban Foarta, both from the city of Timisoara) on seminal 1970s albums by rock band Phoenix.
He moved to Germany in 1981, aged 30, when the dark regime of Ceausescu was getting even darker (even literally dark, as the power cuts left Romanians in the dark every night in the 1980s).

A monumental achievement, The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu tracks the rise and fall of the infamous Romanian dictator through his own propaganda footage. Writer and director Andrei Ujica, along with editor Dana Bunescu, crafted over 1,000 hours of official state broadcasts and intimate home movies into a three-hour tour-de-force that depicts how Ceausescu created the country in his own image, regardless of the cost to its citizens.


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  1. […] Biblioteca din Toronto e unul din cele mai frumoase lucruri ale vietii de emigrant. Pe linga faptul ca – cu ajutorul ei – puteti citi gratuit The Economist, Billboard si inca citeva zeci de reviste direct pe tableta, are “ascunse” si citeva comori legate de istoria Romaniei. De una din ele v-am vorbit recent – Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu. […]

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