Comori ascunse la biblioteca din Toronto: documentar despre viata rutenilor din Romania

Biblioteca din Toronto e unul din cele mai frumoase lucruri ale vietii de emigrant. Pe linga faptul ca – cu ajutorul ei – puteti citi gratuit The Economist, Billboard si inca citeva zeci de reviste direct pe tableta, are “ascunse” si citeva comori legate de istoria Romaniei. De una din ele v-am vorbit recent – Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu.

Va mai spun de una azi.

Documentarele despre viata rutenilor in Romania (Banat, Maramures), pe DVD-ul de la biblioteca din Toronto.
Documentarele despre viata rutenilor in Romania (Banat, Maramures), pe DVD-ul de la biblioteca din Toronto.

Cehoaica Jana Sevcikova a filmat in Romania, in Banat si Maramures, cu doi ani inainte de revolutie, si a finalizat documentarele din comunitatile de ruteni (vorbitori de ceha) la inceputul anilor 1990.

Cel din Maramures e despre un personaj pe nume Jakub Popovich:

Jakub, by the Czech filmmaker Jana Sevčikova, presents an extensive ethnographical-sociological study of the life of the Ruthenians, filmed in the Maramuresh mountains in the north of Romania and in the former Sudetenland in Western Bohemia. The film was made over a period of five years during the time of both totalitarian regimes and was completed in 1992 after the revolution. Jakub Popovich is the primary character whose story provides the link between 1947, when the film begins, and the present. Scientists at the Ethnographic-Folklore Institute, a part of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague acted as collaborators in the making of this film. The film has received international attention from filmmakers for it‘s unique structure and cinematic quality as well from educators and research scientists for it‘s content.

This portrait of Jakub Popovich provides an intriguing entry into the lives of the Ruthenians, a community based in Northern Romania and Western Bohemia which survived amidst fifty years of political upheaval and revolution. Ševčíková began filming two years before the ouster of Ceausescu in 1989 further emphasizing the plight of this marginalized community.

Documentarele sunt alb-negru, filmografia de cea mai buna calitate, iar coloana sonora culege cantece si povesti demne de Biblioteca Nationala.

Fiind titrate in engleza si vorbite in ceha, documentarele pot fi recomandate cu caldura conationalilor nostri canadieni, dar si prietenilor din emigratia ceha. Si in general oricui cu mintea destupata si curioasa.


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