PSYCHOSTICK – the Jerry Seinfeld of metal – first time in Toronto on Sunday August 9

Chicago, IL based humorcore laugh makers PSYCHOSTICK (described as ‘the Jerry Seinfeld of metal (Bravewords)) are performing a tour date in Toronto on August 9th as part of their third US tour in support of their latest album ‘Revenge of The Vengeance’ released on Rock Ridge Music last November.


The album is completely crowd funded (funded by fans for the fans!) to follow up 2011’s Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D’.

They’re playing:
Sunday, August 9
Rockpile West – Buy Tickets – Google Maps
5555a Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M9B 1B8

Lineup: PSYCHOSTICK, Wolfborne, and more!
ALL AGES, $15 in advance / $20 day of show – See more at:

They also just released a few new music videos
– Danger Zone (a spoof / video tribute cover of Kenny Loggins’ hit song for the Top Gun movie) – watch?v=om0KOWbOkCk plus for the computer geeks out there
‘Blue Screen’ video –  and science nerds will enjoy this cover of Bill Nye Science Guy cover –
Psychostick‘s top 10 uses for a beard. Check it out on Metal Hammer UK here.
Music Video – ‘Obey The Beard’ –
Music Video – ‘Dogs Like Socks’ –
Lyric Video – Bruce Campbell –  (Tribute to the 21st century’s greatest action hero)
Lyric Video – President Rhino –  (What would happen if a Rhino was president…?)
Lyric Video – Quack Kills –  (Are you afraid of a duck…?)
Lyric Video – NSFW –  (How many F-bombs can you count?)

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