Baia Mare travel tips: fill it in with “Pufuleti de Busag” (corn puffs)

Hard to believe 20 years have passed this summer since my cousins Marinela and Axente Medan founded PUFULETE S.R.L. , the plant producing the best corn puffs in the world.

Everybody knows them as “pufuleti de Busag” (the “Busag corn puffs”, based on the location of the plant, the Busag village in the metro area of my natal hometown Baia Mare).

Photo 2015-09-04, 4 03 20 AM
Getting ready for a tour at the corn puffs plant in Busag, near Baia Mare (August 2015).

These corn puffs (their closest relative in Canada are the cheese puffs; they are called corn flakes on the company’s website) will get you addicted!

Trust me: that’s a little salty secret that will make your Baia Mare trip much more enjoyable. Just ask for “pufuleti de Busag” (poof-uh-lets deh Boo-shaag) at any place selling snacks in Baia Mare (or northern Transylvania, for that matter). They’re cheap, delicious, come in several flavours and can pretty much be paired with any drink. Including palinca!

While my cousin gave us the tour of the plant, I noticed top-notch technology in a super clean environment. Axente was (and still is) a mechanical engineer bounding wizardry, with standards well above the average. That combination is accurately reflected in the quality of the product.

And if you want to see it for yourself, why don’t you contact PUFULETE S.R.L. The plant is a short drive (less than 15 minutes) from anywhere in Baia Mare, and you may end up getting a tour just like we did. Needless to say for those accustomed with “Baia Mare hospitality”, the tour ends with a little something for you to take home -)

Photo 2015-09-04, 4 32 30 AM


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