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  1. And of course this mainly applies to hard old boys like us since there is so much of free Crimson recordings on the net; here is a real nice recollection of their youth:

    (King Crimson – Live From The ’70s – TV Broadcasts – Remastered)

    I think you gave me a very good idea: as time permits, I am going to get the FLAC collection of studio albums, that I think you know about, and use it as a ‘cobai’ in my review on current state of the art of DJ software tools!

    And we are not the only crazy old ‘bastards’ with music in our brains as second nature; here is one more from the same YouTube channel; stuff that we where not allowed to get to live in Ceausescu’s era:

    (Magnum – Full Concert – On The Wings Of Heaven 1988 – Remastered)

    Of course we have it covered in ‘Biblioteca pentru Toti – sectiunea muzicala’; flac for great joys to our auditive sensors; and no remastering needed being the original album made by Polydor:


    Come on boys, take it while is hot on my Google Drive! 🙂

  2. And take notice at around 12:05 of the Crimson video the wonderful live improvisations that this guys are known of (‘pasarici pe acorduri de vioara’), as I remember George here mentioned also in one of his classic ‘Rock din capul lui Motoc’!

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