The 2015 King Crimson live in Toronto is available

I went to see King Crimson live in Toronto on November 20th, 2015. The good news is the Crimson King decided that concert was good enough to be released to the masses. It’s a $10 download available here.



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  1. And of course this mainly applies to hard old boys like us since there is so much of free Crimson recordings on the net; here is a real nice recollection of their youth:

    (King Crimson – Live From The ’70s – TV Broadcasts – Remastered)

    I think you gave me a very good idea: as time permits, I am going to get the FLAC collection of studio albums, that I think you know about, and use it as a ‘cobai’ in my review on current state of the art of DJ software tools!

    And we are not the only crazy old ‘bastards’ with music in our brains as second nature; here is one more from the same YouTube channel; stuff that we where not allowed to get to live in Ceausescu’s era:

    (Magnum – Full Concert – On The Wings Of Heaven 1988 – Remastered)

    Of course we have it covered in ‘Biblioteca pentru Toti – sectiunea muzicala’; flac for great joys to our auditive sensors; and no remastering needed being the original album made by Polydor:–YpyL6UWHdDVXMtTVNGVkU/view?usp=sharing

    Come on boys, take it while is hot on my Google Drive! 🙂

  2. And take notice at around 12:05 of the Crimson video the wonderful live improvisations that this guys are known of (‘pasarici pe acorduri de vioara’), as I remember George here mentioned also in one of his classic ‘Rock din capul lui Motoc’!

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