Jazz in the Park – Bogata edition: 5,500 selfies with Snoop Dogg

You may remember the story last month where Snoop Dogg used Instagram to check-in while in Bogota, Columbia, but he fat-fingered it into Bogata, a small Transylvanian village in Romania.

There’s a follow up (on Sunday, April 3 2016) that Snoop would love.


Later in March, the 44 year old rap legend set in motion a joyful social media storm by checking in Bogata a second time, this time on purpose.

snoopdogg i just steve harveyed my own chit hahahhaha ! shoutout to my romanian fans, tha boss dogg comn thru real soon !!! #visitbogata


And Romanian fans took notice, the #visitbogata hashtag lighting up the social media for days. And then…

Jazz in the Park, an annual jazz fest taking place in the city of Cluj (the biggest in Transylvania) set up camp in Bogata on Sunday, April 3rd 2016, for a one-day edition in anticipation of Snoop’s promised landing. The access was free, but donations were accepted for building the first park in Bogata. Roughly $3,000 Canadian Dollars were collected, according to this Romanian language site.jeff snoop

5,500 people attended the event almost three times the size of the village!) and some took selfies with a real-sized cardboard Snoop.

All in all, Bogata is waiting for anyone to visit and enjoy. And so is Romania, my beautiful native country.

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