Petrol – the web series: fast cars and thrilling action on the streets of Toronto

A city like Toronto deserves its own Fast & Furious for the internet generation. To be honest, I don’t recall a chase scene on the DVP in any movie…ever.

Fortunately, now there is PETROL – a web series of 12-minute episodes.



Here is a word from the producers:

PETROL is an action/drama series following five reckless drivers who all work for a mysterious Employer.  It’s Son of Anarchy with the thrust of The Fast & The Furious.  The show is a complex character drama which also focuses attention on vehicle dynamics and real life escape maneuvers, blending them together in a compelling and unpredictable story arc.

Give it a try: fast cars, cool guys, hot women, all with Toronto in background.

The first two episodes are ready to watch, and a new one is scheduled for summer 2016.




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  1. Well I gave it try ,,,, and dear Canadian (cu C mare 🙂 you are an easterner (as far as Toronto is concerned) … DVP might be clean … but you have to see 400 and even HW 7, towards west … on some nights … I guess the only to put it is just … ‘Come and leave in/around the “REAL’ … fast & furios home townn!’

    … and movies are ,,, so you should stick to live events … for the thrill of it! 🙂

  2. Of Doamne .., se vede ca sintem pe la periferii … am (re)vazut cu atentie toate episoadele (este si ep. 3 disponibil acum) … si este clar … regie/filmari/etc. … din pacate niste amatori … dar de’ sint ai nostri si trebuie sa ne mindrim cu iei! 🙂

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