Must see in Toronto: the Doug Miller bookstore

– 40,995.

– Are you sure?

– If I wasn’t, I would say forty-one thousand, cause it sounds better, eh?

And that’s how I met Doug Miller of the Doug Miller Books.

Doug Miller bookstore in K-town, Toronto (650 Bloor St West).
Doug Miller bookstore located at 663 Bloor St West in Toronto (picture from store’s Facebook page)


There are forty thousand nine hundred and ninetyfive Lego pieces in the desk supporting a point-of-sale system, books, and more Lego.

Located not far from a subway stop in K-town (Korea town) in Toronto, Doug Miller’s bookstore is a fabled place in the local community, and where 50% discounts on perfect-shape books are not unusual.

Doug Miller
Doug Miller at his desk.


An affable man in his forties, Doug quickly adds that there are just over 28 thousand Lego pieces in each of the two columns separating the aisles. “For the columns, you see, I cannot guarantee” said Doug.

IMG_0200 columns

During our visit, Doug spent equal time with every member of my family. My son got a crash course in comics, my wife got recommendations for her knitting, travel and cook books, while I was well informed of Kurt Vonnegut stock.

Here are some of the findings of my liking – all of them half the price or even less. Thank you, Doug Miller.

Kurt Vonnegut is well represented


Jeffrey Eugenides has three books at Doug Miller. My favourite is THE VIRGIN SUICIDES.


Close to each other, a cult post mortem novel (A Confederacy of Dunces) and a powerful debut, a father & son story (A Fraction of the Whole)


Canadian Joseph Boyden’s presence at Doug Miller’s books includes THE ORENDA, the ravishing depiction of Huron life at the time of the first French Jesuit expeditions in the land one hour North of Toronto.


Ernest Hemingway’s TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, a novel best read in Cuba or Florida Keys, was available.


John Irving’s LAST NIGHT IN TWISTED RIVER has a whole chapter happening around Summerhill in Toronto, and another one at the Muskoka’s.


Jared Diamond’s COLLAPSE correctly predicted – 10 years ago – the immigrant crisis in Europe. Find it in the non fiction section


Another good finding in the non fiction section: Francis Fukuyama



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