Heavy Montreal 2016: it was great!

My inaugural Heavy Montreal was fantastic!

It reinforces my impression that metal rock is alive and well in the St. Lawrence river’s island-city.



I was there for the first day only, but I got plenty of dust on my boots and metallic bruit deep down my ears…

It's the 21st century, so gone are the paper fliers with the schedule. Everybody took a picture on their phone.
It’s the 21st century, so gone are the paper fliers with the schedule. Everybody took a picture on their phone.


My favorite acts at Heavy Montreal 2016:

  1. CULT OF LUNA – an elaborate show (lights artist included) from the Swedish band that keeps a scarce concert schedule (go see them when you can!). They took their time to build the tension before releasing it. They play their latest high-complexity album, Mariner, in five shows only later this year in Europe.

2. SUICIDE SILENCE – they got the energy level so high that the crowd went mad. Hard working band, they are all over the map in 2016.

3. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – I see Zakk & BLS every year and never get tired. It has that quality. Montreal just loves the band.

4. NIGHTWISH – they delivered a full-blown show in front of a large large crowd. It was my first time seeing them live and enjoyed it. Those who follow the band since its beginnings keep reminding me that it will never be the same as with their first vocalist.

5. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – riding high on the success of their sixth album, ‘Got your six’ , these hard working Americans were the featured band of the first night.

We got to the festival site with the little boat top left of the picture, crossing without a care the fluvial turbulence of St Lawrence river. The ferry runs from the bottom of the Old Port tourist area.


On our way to Heavy Montreal, crossing the river by ferry from the Old Port.



The four horsemen took a break to watch Heavy Montreal, dressed up in fashionable purple -)


The organizers took care of everything, beginning with beer under $9 (that ain’t happen in Toronto), a chill zone, water fountains, food, $20-souvenirs and so on.



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