Happy 150th birthday, The Football Association!

Flashback from 2013, when the Football Associated celebrated 150 years since adopting the Cambridge University rules at its inaugural meeting.

My recent trip to Cambridge, UK, was of course about walking the childhood grounds of Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

But it was more than that.

Parker’s Piece in Cambridge, UK. The birthplace of football.

My traveling system is a series of juxtaposed layers: seeing good friends, rock and roll history, football history , cinema, literature, arts etc. It worked well for me during  another birthday trip in London, UK.

Visiting Cambridge was always on my wishlist not only for seeing friends and Pink Floyd, but for my love for the footie game. A passion instilled by my late father, who was a minor league player in my hometown of Baia Mare, Romania.


Cambridge is, of course, the place on the map where football was born.

And my timing could not be better: October 2013 was it’s 150th birthday celebration!

I went to take a couple of pictures of the place where football started, Parker’s Piece, a field at the Eastern limit of the famous university.

I also had the chance to chat with locals about the famous Reality Checkpoint in the middle of the field – some of them confirming the “collision” theory while cycling at night.

One famous lamp post, known as the Reality Checkpoint, in the middle of Parker’s Piece, the birthplace of football as we know it.
Parker’s Piece in late October 2013


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