33% off the next Teo Milea concert? Thanks!

Teo Milea had a fantastic 2016, so he decided to thank everybody over the holidays by slicing the ticket prices for his May 2017 tour to a mere $20 plus change.

milealimIt’s a great way to enter the world of Milea’s music. If you’re worried that you’ll
miss the concert due to unpredictable calendar conflicts six months from now, well, for that price you can always gift the tickets to someone else.

The promotion goes up to December 31, 2016 and the tour features stops in Waterloo, Ontario (May 6), Toronto (May 13) and Montreal (May 27). Teo will then spend the 2017 summer touring Europe.

Milea will feature new piano & flute material (hence the tour title) in duo with the “imaginative and magical” Terry Lim, who keeps his calendar busy between New York, Vancouver and Toronto.

Teo Milea is a Toronto-based classical crossover pianist and composer who brings dozens of colors to the audience through his music. The energy bursting out of his piano paints souls, fills the emptiness and brings smiles.

In over 25 years of musical activity, he has played with improvisation, until he started to perform his compositions. At present, Teo Milea brings to the audience a creation that successfully combines the specific of two worlds: the classical and the new one, of the 21st century.

After performing all over Europe, Teo Milea has relocated to Toronto, ON. He is looking forward to introducing his works to the new public and prove that music is an international language.

Music is a cure for the soul!

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