The Deep Sound of Maramures

What do you get when you cross an anthropologist, electronic music and the ancient sounds of a fabulous land? The Deep Sound of Maramures.

This succesful project tells the story of Maramures, my Romanian homeland, in a way it’s never been told before: connecting the very ancient past with the very modern times.

The deep sound of Maramures sound project is about reinterpreting the ancient sounds and rhythms of the mystical and culturally rich area of Maramures.

Peter Gate (source: Peter Gate Facebook page)

Petru Pap is a Romanian anthropologist with a profound passion for sound, reflected in his career.

He is also a musician in the realm of experimental electronic music that goes by the name of Peter Gate.

It was his friendship with Dr. Anuta Pop – the manager of the local Cultural Centre in Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania – that sparked the idea of a multi-layered project dedicated to bringing to the world the ancient, deep sounds of Maramures. The town of Viseu de Sus is, of course, the home of the world famed Mocăniţa Steam Train.

As mentioned, The Deep Sound of Maramures is a multi faceted project, the latest event being an internet-web live performance from the home of Mocanita in Viseu de Sus, on Saturday 28 January 2017 (see it here, running time 40 minutes).

While the project has successfully toured Europe, it never crossed the ocean. We’re faithfully waiting for that moment.

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