My playlists on Apple Music

From uplifting morning sounds to pillow talk endearments, from spicy party tunefulness to ska reggae.

Bollywood dance

A spicy playlist compiled with the help of a Canadian friend that knows her Bollywood stars.

Galahit Number Ones

#1 hits in the GALAHIT top 10 weekly countdown show I did in hometown Baia Mare at Radio Galaxia 92.10 FM. The show ran 164 weeks from December 1995 to March 1999.

The list is not complete, as some of them got buried in the 1990s vault and never resurfaced in the streaming age.

Galahit Retro Disco

While running my weekly Club Top 10 countdown show (Galahit) at Radio Galaxia in the 1990s, I aired a “shout-out-to-70s/80s-disco” moment each week. These are the songs that I played, using an AKAI reel-to-reel with tapes provided by the original DJ turned club owner, Öcsi Vicsai.

George Motoc Vault

Music that accompanied me through life, since early childhood to old age.

Good morning

Wake up with a smile and keep that smile.

Jazz FM (London, UK)

Soulful gems heard late late night to dawn at Jazz FM UK.

New Year Eve

Ringing in the new year.

Party spicy

Super heat to bring the sweat out on the dancefloor.

Party Happy 1

Uplifting beats to keep everybody off the couch.

Seasons: summer


Seasons: winter

Placid land.

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