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My marketing toolkit includes the blog platform, podcasting, internet radio, Facebook and Twitter.  I do promote things that I like (being products, books, movies, music or events), so let’s talk: contact@georgemotoc.com

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George Motoc is a blogger, podcaster, internet radio jock and voiceover pro based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He hosts his own radio show, Rock din capul lui Motoc, at Radio Trib  – home of Romanian indie rock.



Born and raised in the city of Baia Mare, Romania, he is a Canadian immigrant settled in Toronto, Ontario.

People land on his website from 128 countries (2016 data), most of them from Romania, Canada, United States, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

A former professional radio personality & club disc-jockey in Romania, Geogeorgemotoc-playlistsrge covers anything from concerts to events such as Luminato Festival, and Toronto Jazz Festival.

If you use Google Play Music, George made dozens of his playlists publicly available. Search “George Motoc” and then use the Playlists filter. Contact George should you need help with a playlist for your event, being it a Halloween Kids Party or a New Year’s Eve.

The content on georgemotoc.com is in English and Romanian languages. A language selector is conveniently displayed in the BLOG page, under the CATEGORIES menu on the right sidebar.


Use the CONTACT page on this site, or email to

contact [at] georgemotoc.com


Hard Rock Cafe Munich,2016

George’s travel notes:

Cambridge (the pictured guide for the casual Pink Floyd fan; and the birthplace of football)

Reykjavik (travel tips)

London (a trip as a birthday gift)

New York (the legendary Strand bookstore; plus some traveler notes)

Barcelona (audio podcast in Romanian language)

Seattle (about the funk music scene; plus an  audio podcast about Jimi Hendrix’s grave)

Varadero (picture gallery; plus visiting the public school, a first for a regular tourist in Communist Cuba).

Brasov (medieval fortress in one of the big cities of Transylvania, Romania)

Baia Mare (my Transylvanian natal hometown; also here are some pictures from 2013)

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Six things you probably didn’t know about me – read here.

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ARHIVELE MELE AUDIO (Romanian language audio archive)

Mama, Maria Motoc. (inregistrare din 2005)

Canada, pamint romanesc – emisiune audio din ianuarie 2001 pina in iunie 2002

Craciun 1977 in Lucacesti, Maramures, satul mamei.

Radio Galaxia Baia Mare – a emis prima oara in 18 August 1995 pe 92.10 FM

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AUDIO ARCHIVES (English language)

Toronto Blackout, 14-15 August 2003. Also available as an audio map.

My sounds on Freesound.org – use them for free but quote the source.

Old podcast episodes on Podomatic, please go here.

Audio stories on Cowbird are here.

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FM sounds around the world.

The great North American Blackout of 2003.

Toronto sounds.

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AM FACUT doua CANTECE (Romanian language):

In 2012. Poate fi ascultat aici.

Si inca unul, in 2013. E despre amarul prin care trece limba romana si ii zice John Dracula!

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Citeste povestea aici.

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UN PRIETEN MI-A FACUT PROFIL pe IMDb (Romanian language)

Am facut voiceover pentru un film al lui Alex Pop, un baimarean stabilit la Montreal. Pagina mea e aici.