I felt so good at Podcamp Boston 3 last weekend, that I was beginning to wonder: is Murphy asleep?

He wasn’t. Our Toronto flight was cancelled Sunday night, just as it was revving engines ready to take flight.

Back into the airport, American Airlines re-booked us and then gave us taxi vouchers, a night’s stay at the Sheraton in Wakefield (a 30 minute ride away) and also threw in a breakfast voucher. Nice.

A week before I spent a great weekend at the Sheraton in Niagara Falls, so it was appreciated.

It wasn’t to be that much appreciated this time.

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I went to see the CBC-taped, “ethnic” show last night, at Just For Laughs Toronto 2008.

** **

Just a little detour before commenting the actual show.

I recently found (online) an excellent Toronto writer, freelancer, Caterine Kustanczy. She sparked a lively conversation on her blog on MySpace, along the lines of “ethnic funny or just FUNNY?”

A very refreshing discussion, and necessary too. Let’s forget for a while the commercial appeal of the “ethnic” keyword, and stop throwing it in show-names just to sell tickets.

** **

The host was George Stroumboulopoulos of the excellent CBC Television show The Hour.

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TEXT: why FM radio in Northern Transylvania circa 1993 was as much about freedom as podcasting is today.

MUSIC: Archie Shepp – Blase (featuring Jeanne Lee)


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My in-laws are recently landed immigrants, and they live with us until they smoothly merge into the Canadian sweet lifestyle.

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One of the objects in our house that is a gift from my father in law is a wall clock, so here’s the obligatory “FIL/clock on the wall” joke:

Wife: Dear, this afternoon the big clock fell off the wall. Had it fallen a moment sooner, my father would have been hit on the head.

Husband : That clock has always been slow.

** **

Joke aside, my MIL & FIL were kind enough to babysit, so we can take off for a “sans-souci” weekend at Niagara Falls.

Having seen the Falls about 20 times in the past 5 years as a guide, it was my (and wife’s) first chance to explore outside the beaten path.

We started by setting tent at the Sheraton on the Falls, which offers this view from the 7th floor outdoor pool:

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I do run out of ideas of what I want my next movie to be.

That’s why I maintain a list on the website of my supplier of rented DVDs, the online service zip.ca

I will link most of the movie titles in this blog to imdb.com, for your convenience.

Of course, that’s where I get my art cinema from, and concert movies too. I’ve just had MORE (Pink Floyd), PERSONA (Ingmar Bergman) and Jim Jarmuch’s YEAR OF THE HORSE (if you are into air-guitar stuff, get this. Forget Guitar Hero, get a friend and ride the Crazy Horse together).

Every once in a while I look back at the movies I rented in the last 3-4 months, and the feeling is good: they still do 5-star movies. On any scale you would think of, one can find a recently-produced movie to top it.

Here’s a sample from my list, hopefully you’ll say “Hey, I haven’t seen this one, let’s check Georgies taste”

I know, these are last year’s movies, but I know some of you might have missed them.


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