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We spent this year’s Catholic Easter in Montreal, with friends living in the beautiful neighborhood of Outremont.

The Sunday service at the Saint-Germain church was welcoming, the walls resonated with harmony and the warm March morning gently spilled its way into our souls.

Enjoy ten minutes of audio bliss.

Saint Germain Outremont 1

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” I forgot my bass! I’m out hunting and I forgot my weapon!”

Rehearsal Factory EtobicokeBassist extraordinaire and longtime friend Mihai Zaharia is all dressed up and smiling when we meet at Starbucks on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in West Toronto.

It’s the 2015 summer solstice and our mood is solar: we’re about to make a record.

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The 1990s was THE decade to be a Romanian rock band. After the Communist regime was crushed and dictator Ceausescu swiftly executed in December 1989, a sense of exhilaration penetrated deep to the bone of each Romanian, in every little corner of the society: economy, social interaction, arts. Rock music included.

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The official poster of the film. Source: Roger Waters wall on Facebok.
The official poster of the film. Source: Roger Waters wall on Facebook.

I went to see Roger Waters’ world premiere of “The Wall 2014” last night at the beautiful Elgin Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto, not far from where the guy in front of me bought this original vinyl in 1979:

I asked the lady who got this vinyl signed "How did you get close to Roger before the movie?" "Oh, I am a warrior of the backstages. In this case I flashed a boob and got in!"
I asked the 40-something lady who got Waters’ autograph (a friend of the vinyl’s owner): “How did you get close to Roger before the movie?” “Oh, sweetie, I am a backstage warrior. I flashed a boob and got in!”

Read below a few impressions and listen to the whole Q&A session with Roger Waters in Toronto, Saturday 06 September 2014:

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Lyrics below.

 The Staxx Brothers – the best brothers in entertainment since Blues Brothers – just launched (August 14, 2104 on YouTube) the first single of their next album. The single is titled “Black & Mild” and the album “Hot Chocolate”.

Of course, nowadays a new single is more than a single, it’s a story.

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