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Jian’s Q show on CBC Radio is so serious – despite the large smile on its homepage – that we missed this part of the man.

Luckily, he doesn’t hide it. This guy – my generation, and as a radioman myself I can’t help but like what he does – showed up last night at the CFC Media Lab‘s ideaBOOST project launch party (of the current cohort) and did a great MC’ing job. But the opening lines were the best.

Listen those lines below.

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Today’s show:

A 20-minute audio review of the Tectonics Festival (18-20 April 2013), held at Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Spiced up with sounds recorded on location!

Includes sounds produced by:

  1. The Icelandic National Youth Band / Lúðrasveit æskunnar == Conductor: Ingi Garðar Erlendsson == Music by Vinko Globokar : Crocs en jambe (2000)
  2. ISO percussionists, Magnús Trygvason Eliassen, Pétur Grétarsson, Þorvaldur Gröndal == Music by Atli Heimir Sveinsson : Spectacles for percussionists and tape (1969)
  3. Chen Halevi, Steef van Oosterhout, Frank Aarnink == Music by Magnus Lindberg : Ablauf for clarinet and two bass drums (1983)
  4. Duo Harpverk and Eli Keszler == Music by Eli Keszler : Breaker – NEUM
Harpa, the most beautiful instrument, is the name of this fabulous building in Reykjavik. A concert hall, conference place, a building with a drama to tell about its upcoming. *** TIP Take the tour and enjoy at least one event in this 21st century concert place. It has several concert halls, a fab restaurant at the top, magic light and Mount Esja as neighbour.
Harpa, the most beautiful instrument, is also the name of this fabulous building in Reykjavik.  Home of the Tectonics Festival 2013.

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I saved a bunch of my playlists on Rdio (the streaming service that I use) under the moniker “Radio Feelgood”.

They would be the typical “happy time” radio playlists that I would play in one hour – should I still play music on the radio, that is -)

I did play music in FM, and I loved it. I had to build my own playlists, and I loved it.

Hopefully these mixtapes will bring in the good vibes during your commute, at the office, in the car or somewhere with a  Mojito in hand.


Touchscreens all around me to help me play the music and the show’s audio files.

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Listen (1’39”) while following the transcript below


Mapleaks, the strong Canadian arm of WikiLeaks, circulated an audio leak from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, in regards to the biggest beef-recall in the Canadian history.  It is my understanding that the audio file was firstly sent to a handful of amateur Canadian podcasters, as they were trusted more than traditional media such as CBC Radio.

It is a classified telephone conversation between a group of concerned (yet confused) Canadian organic cows, and a CFIA call-center officer. Continue reading

Mind Mechanics at their rehearsal room in Toronto. Left to right: John, Gene, Zach and Mike.


About: my equally funny and thought-provoking conversation with power-rock band Mind Mechanics from Toronto, dated October 28th, 2012.

Music: listen “Turnabout”, the band’s latest single, at the end of the show

Running time: 22 minutes

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CNE (the Canadian National Exhibition, also know as The Ex) ends with the labour day long weekend. Part of that weekend is an air show featuring the world renowned Snowbirds, the Canadian Air Forces bombers. You can see them close to the horizon line in this picture.
Listen to their sound in the player (duration: 23 seconds).

Download (wav format):

Snowbirds Airplane

More Toronto sounds:

Thursday, 14 August 2003, Toronto.

Another torrid day of August at my office in Mississauga, the city neighboring Toronto at the West.

The SARSStock Concert was two weeks ago but we’re still talking about it at the office. And about SARS as well. We all agree that nothing worse can happen to Toronto in the summer than an epidemic.

Good thing the weekend is almost here! It’s the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) opening weekend and the first-day tickets are always a deal!

By 4 PM I begin wrapping up my work at the office but…at 4:11 PM the lights go out in my basement cubicle! And not only, but in all building.

Our boss steps in and sends us all home.

I have a long commute ahead to my apartment on Avenue&St Clair in Toronto, so I turn the radio on AM 680 News, to check the traffic. And…surprise!


All of Toronto, no, all of Ontario, no, ALL OF NORTH-EASTERN AMERICA is without electricity!


Day 2 of the North American Blackout: Friday 15 August 2003

10 million people are affected in Ontario, and 45 million in USA (spread over 8 states).

It’s the second largest blackout in history and I just found an old tape player with batteries in it!

Why not recording this historical event?

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