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Music collector (and mentor) Florin Stan – of Baia Mare, Romania – compiled a list of thousands of version to the classic “Summertime” by George Gershwin (lyrics are by DuBose Heyward).
“Summertime” is the opening song of the “PORGY AND BESS” opera.
I will pepper your summer days with some of the unbelievably hard-to-find versions from Florin’s collection.

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I am still in awe after seeing Natacha Atlas live at one of the free, generously thrown parties at Luminato 2011.

After all, it’s the only place you get to see these European artists.

They won’t come any other time of the year in Toronto because nobody else books them.

Thankfully, Luminato thinks different – and in 2012, it brings Jovanotti  (Friday June 15) and Shantel (Sat June 16)!



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A stunning new album with original music from DR JOHN!
The sound will remind you of Black Keys’ “Brother” and take you further – the reason is simple, Dan Auerbach was involved in producing Dr John’s latest album.
Listen or download today’s 6-minute show featuring my favorite track from the album.

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From Monday morning to Friday night, I drive to work. 45 minutes each way. I get to listen to the music I like. Some albums come and go, some go on heavy rotation. Heavy rotation is a radio term, and means a song that gets played around the clock many times.
This week's album in heavy-rotation in my car belongs to Otis Taylor and it is recently released: CONTRABAND.
Listen to an extract in the audio file below. Just click PLAY.


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Today’s audio podcast features hot Ottawa power-blues trio JOE GASPAR BAND – including one of the best vocalists in rock and blues North America has today.

Listen to a great set of professional studio&live recordings on ReverbNation , or read the band’s profile.

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My friendship with Joe Gaspar, the band’s leader (vocals and bass), goes back to 1993 in Transylvania. At the time, I was promoting good music as a live FM radio jock, while Joe worked hard as a musician in another superb trio, QUO VADIS.

Back in 1994 I used my connections in radio to bring Joe's band, Quo Vadis, for a concert in my hometown in Baia Mare. Listen Joe's current band, Joe Gaspar Band, in today's show.

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