I am a Canadian immigrant of Romanian origin.

Upon graduating university, I got to be a founding member of two FM radio stations in my hometown Baia Mare (county of Maramures in Transylvania), at a time where FM radio was practically a green field.

Years later, podcasting arrived and so did internet radio.

I currently run a weekly Romanian-language show on, which is also published as a podcast.

It is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Music Play and Stitcher

I do promote things that I like (products, books, movies, music or events), so let’s talk:

I can provide podcasting advice, from writing to recording to publishing it.

My Romanian language internet radio show / podcast, on



The content on is in English and Romanian languages. A language selector is conveniently displayed in the BLOG page, under the CATEGORIES menu on the right sidebar.


Some of my travel notes:

Cambridge (the pictured guide for the casual Pink Floyd fan 2013; and the birthplace of football)

Reykjavik (travel tips;2013)

London (a trip as a birthday gift; 2008)

New York (the legendary Strand bookstore 2010; plus some traveler notes)

Barcelona (audio podcast in Romanian language 2010)

Seattle (about the funk music scene; plus an  audio podcast about Jimi Hendrix’s grave)

Varadero (picture gallery; plus visiting the public school, a first for a regular tourist in Communist Cuba).

Brasov (medieval fortress in one of the big cities of Transylvania, Romania; 2016)

Baia Mare (my Transylvanian natal hometown; also here are some pictures from 2013)

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Six things you probably didn’t know about me – read here.

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ARHIVELE MELE AUDIO (Romanian language audio archive)

Mama, Maria Motoc. (inregistrare din 2005)

Canada, pamint romanesc – emisiune audio din ianuarie 2001 pina in iunie 2002

Craciun 1977 in Lucacesti, Maramures, satul mamei.

Radio Galaxia Baia Mare – a emis prima oara in 18 August 1995 pe 92.10 FM

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AUDIO ARCHIVES (English language)

Toronto Blackout, 14-15 August 2003. Also available as an audio map.

My sounds on – use them for free but quote the source.

Old podcast episodes on Podomatic, please go here.

Audio stories on Cowbird are here.

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FM sounds around the world.

The great North American Blackout of 2003.

Toronto sounds.

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AM FACUT doua CANTECE (Romanian language):

In 2012. Poate fi ascultat aici.

Si inca unul, in 2013. E despre amarul prin care trece limba romana si ii zice John Dracula!

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Citeste povestea aici.

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UN PRIETEN MI-A FACUT PROFIL pe IMDb (Romanian language)

Am facut voiceover pentru un film al lui Alex Pop, un baimarean stabilit la Montreal. Pagina mea e aici.

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