Congrats THE DETAILS! We wish you many airplays and a great future with WARM in your toolkit.

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It must be the first time in the music industry history that a radio-airplay monitoring service becomes available to the indie artist (and his starving pocket). Labels pay a lot of money to get the radio stats for all the songs in their catalog.

Now you can go granular, down to tracking a single song only, if you so wish (36 euro/year/song or 5 euro/month/song). If you need to follow two songs simultaneously, you buy two subscription. As simple as that.

I convinced the nice and inventive people at WARM in Denmark to  give away a 1-year subscription. They already offer a 1-month free trial (no credit card, an email does the trick), but how about tracking your song on the radio for a full year? Or change it after a few months with your new single? Join this contest.

Should you have a revelation while using the service (“oh my, we’re BIG on the radio in Hong Kong!”), please share it with us.


Contest rules

WARM – World Airplay Radio Monitor offers one free subscription for 12 months to its service (a value of 36€ per year).

  • You will be able to track the radio airplay for one song.
  • The song can be changed with a new one, once a month
  • You can upload any of your songs that you want to track on the radio
  • You can ask WARM any time to add radio stations to their monitoring list
  • To enter the contest, just fill in the form below. A random winner will be selected Sunday November 12, 2017 (11:12 at 11:12 EST)


We are tracking 23.400 radio stations in more the 120 countries. This gives you the biggest coverage of radio stations in the world.

WARM is the first large-scale radio airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency to individual musicians.

By using WARM, independent musicians, songwriters and producers can monitor any song in real-time on radio stations worldwide.

By using audio fingerprint technology, we provide a 100% match via the actual mp3 file. Our database of 27 million songs, allows you to navigate and find the exact song you want to monitor. You can also upload your own song.


Kindly help WARM by filling this 3-minute survey about getting your music played on the radio. Thanks!