MOTTO: I hope you don’t live there just because you’re close to your job.

(Razvan Constantinescu)

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This is the last one of the series

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This is the third and final part of a conversation with my buddy Razvan Constantinescu, who guided me off the beaten path while visiting Montreal for a weekend last month.

Every Sunday during the summer, by JC statue
Every Sunday during the summer, by JC statue (photo by R.Constantinescu)

Today we speak about:

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Peaceful Soldier rocks The Horseshoe Tavern on March 2nd, 10 PM.

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TEXT: rock bands formed from immigrants in Toronto are hot.

MUSIC: Peaceful Soldier – Attitude (2009, demo)


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Ask any Canadian immigrant, and he will cheerfully pull out of the secret drawer a handful of innovative business projects to be done in their native country.

It’s part of the heavy load that a first-generation immigrant carries on a daily basis: read the online newspapers from back home, watch the Romanian (in my case) news on the internet, listen to FM stations from home while working at the office. And, every once in a while, come up with a great idea that – much to  his surprise – nobody had it before!

Talk about things that Canadian politicians should address comes election time! Forget the economy: make sure that Rogers Cable includes that Romanian (Polish, Russian etc) channel on their lineup.
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TEXT: Toronto is an immigrant’s paradise, proven that the immigrant loves live music.

MUSIC: Sisters Euclid – Southern Man (LP Run Neil Run, 2006)

Running time: 9 minutes

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