Romania’s soccer team drew 1-1 to DR Congo last week in a friendly game in preparation for the EURO 2016 France.

The weak performance against Congo (rated 52 by FIFA) drew the ire of two of the most popular FM radio disc jockeys in Romania, Morar & Buzdugan, the morning show hosts at Radio Zu (a privately own station with national coverage).

And they channeled that ire into an outright racist rant against DR Congo’s players. More, they dropped insults to France’s national soccer team (Romania’s opponent in the opening game at EURO 2016) and used a famous Disney song as a racist joke.

Buzdugan (first left) and Morar (second right) - source:
Buzdugan (first left) and Morar (second right) offering apologies to Congolese diplomats in Bucharest – source:


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From the producers of “Searching for Sugarman” comes a fascinating 2015 documentary, that – as Romanian immigrant – I warmly recommend to all my Canadian friends: “Chuck Norris vs Communism”.

Irina Nistor
Irina Nistor – THE voice instantly recognized by all Romanians that watched “video” in the 1980s – was overdubbing the bootlegged Hollywood productions. She stars in Chuck Norris vs Communism.

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It takes only two little steps to uncover a couple of digital treasures of Romanian origin in the publicly available digital archive at the Toronto Public Library.

They are free children books published in … 1896.

Here is how to get them.

TPL search1
1. Go to and follow the Digital Archive link.


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You may remember the story last month where Snoop Dogg used Instagram to check-in while in Bogota, Columbia, but he fat-fingered it into Bogata, a small Transylvanian village in Romania.

There’s a follow up (on Sunday, April 3 2016) that Snoop would love.


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Povestea trupei  “Gasca de acasa” – participanta in 2016 la semifinala Eurovision ce se tine la ea acasa, in Baia Mare – nu e de ieri, de azi. Am auzit-o de la ei, pe bucatele.

Si zau ca ar merita spusa pe de-a’ntregul.

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 Hometown band Gasca De Acasa (literally meaning “Hometown Band”) pins  #BaiaMare on the Eurovision Romania map!
This gem of a song was composed by lifelong buddy Calin Ionce, the first on the left in the picture (he is also responsible, alongside drummer Pefi, the third from left, for one of the most beautiful, sophisticated rock albums ever recorded in Romania, back in the 1990s).
It is a well rounded band, including singer Andreea Carmen, Cosmin “Puiu” Solobot on bass, Patriciu Pop on keys and vocals, and Voicu Stoian on lead guitar, piano and vocals.
Take a break from your crazy day and give it a spin: it will leave something good lingering deep inside you.

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