Philip Glass, Robert Wilson and Lucinda Childs decipher Einstein on the Beach at Luminato 2012

Luminato 2012 had the great idea of getting together the creators of “Einstein on the Beach” for a public conversation.

I was invited, and here are the audio recording and some pics.

The beautiful poster of LUMINATO 2012

At $20/ticket it was a bargain and the room was packed.

I was thankfully accredited as an amateur podcaster – therefore you can download the audio of the discussion at the bottom of this post.

Luminato secured one of the beautiful spaces in this city (the Baillie Court – Baillie of RIM fame – at the Art Gallery of Ontario) and the room was packed!

The setup for a valuable discussion between the Einstein on the Beach creators.
Listen the audio files at the bottom and you’ll find gems such as:
– Robert Wilson: The title Einstein on the Beach comes from adjoining Einstein with a famous 1957 novel
– Philip Glass: I loved Lucinda but I thought about working with her “she’s going to put me out of business, she is dancing without using music!”
A familiar silhouette as seen through the drapes at the 3rd floor at the Art Gallery of Ontario — go see it yourself!
Luminato Festival ‏@Luminato Wilson & Glass created form of “Einstein” like an architect builds an apartment building – the interior is open for redecorating #LMBigBang
Jorn Weisbrodt (artistic director of the festival – in a fabulous pair of shoes with no laces);
Philip Glass – he is the age of my late father. I listened to him with a particular vibe in my soul.
Lucinda Childs (her posture was a dance in itself during the 90-minute discussion!) *** Luminato Festival ‏@Luminato
Lucinda Childs is able to see “Einstein” now after performing in it originally. “The time flies” she says #LMBigBang
Robert Wilson – I went to see Philip Glass and met Robert Wilson! What a gentle giant, what a great entertainer! **** Luminato Festival ‏@Luminato
Wilson says it’s okay to “not get it.” He and Arthur Miller “didn’t get” a show they happened to see together. #LMBigBang
Luminato Festival ‏@Luminato Philip Glass: We hadn’t played “Einstein” all the way through until opening night. We didn’t even know how long it was. #LMBigBang
Luminato Festival ‏@Luminato
Glass first saw Childs in a silent performance – thought it was great, but she’d put him out of a job #LMBigBang






=== Sound files (mp3 at 320 kbs) === 

Luminato2012 PhilipGlass Panel 1

(introduction by Luminato’s artistic director Jorn Weisbrodt)


Luminato2012 PhilipGlass Panel 2


Luminato2012 PhilipGlass Panel 3


Luminato2012 PhilipGlass Panel 4


Luminato2012 PhilipGlass Panel 5


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    • This is fantastic, Rob, you coming from Edmonton. Lucky Torontonians! Thank you for sharing your joy of being there.

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