The pictured guide of Cambridge for the casual Pink Floyd fan

I am lucky to count some fine music connoisseurs among my friends.

It is October 2013 and I travel to Cambridge, UK, where my host is Andras Ferencz.

Not only Andras is a music lover, but he traveled the world in search for the best food and drink. Cambridge is an intersection of all of the above!
As most people in Cambridge, Andras has an extra bicycle in a corner.
We did our two-day Pink Floyd themed tour on wheels. The segments are too long for walking.


 The tour begins at the entrance to Grantchester Meadows, at the end of the street with the same name.

109 Grantchester Meadows
Across the street sign in the picture above is the residence at number 109. David Gilmour moved to 109 Grantchester Meadows in 1956, when he was 10. Roger Waters later wrote a song called Grantchester Meadows for the band’s 1969 Ummagumma album.

Grantchester Meadows
Listening on my phone to Grantchester Meadows from Ummagumma
River Cam in Grantchester Meadows
The pictured guide of Cambridge for the casual Pink Floyd fan, part 1 of 2.
Map of Day 1. We stopped at The Red Lion before returning to town.


Begin your second part of the tour at 60 Glisson Road in Cambridge. Roger “Syd” Barrett was born at the family home at 60 Glisson Road on January 6, 1946.

Syd Barrett's birthplace.
Syd Barrett’s birthplace.

Cycle 1 mile to 183 Hills Road, across the railway corridor. Syd Barrett lived at 183 Hills Road from the age of 3. After his siblings moved out, his mother rented out rooms to lodgers, including the future Japanese Prime Minister.

Turn to Rock Road – there’s a good chance you’ll become a rock star if you grow up here. Surrey-born Roger Waters was brought to live here by his widowed mother Mary in 1945, when he was 2 years old.

A couple of minutes from Rock Road, at the end of St Margaret’s Square. Syd’s neighbours were actually out of the house, they shared a couple of memories. Nice people.Syd Barrett lived as a recluse in his mother’s house for many years until his death in 2006.

End your tour with a pint at The Rock (photo credit Google). It was Syd’s watering hole to the end of his life. Legends abound about fans asking locals for Syd and them answering “he’s not here”  while he was quietly enjoying an ale at the next table

Part 2 of the Pink Floyd Cambridge cycling tour


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  1. We did the same tours following your instructions. Great experience !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. Don’t you love that: “Legends abound about fans asking locals for Syd and them answering “he’s not here”, while he was quietly enjoying an ale at the next table.”? I love it! this is how people in UK would behave in such circumstances. Can’t wait to travel there, and see those places.

  3. This was a great resource! I went to Cambridge today, and saw several of the sights you mentioned. Their old high school, Grantchester Meadows (great place!), Gilmour’s old home, The Anchor, Millers Music… What a great way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing the information!

  4. I’m lucky… I actually live in Cambridge. Went to Grantchester Meadows yesterday funnily enough. It was nice and sunny. Today it rained though.

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