The Moody Blues rocked Toronto for its DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED 50th anniversary tour

Who knew? Back in 1968, for its first concert in Toronto, The Moody Blues was an opening act for… Canned Heat. Things were different for two hot nights in July 2017.

The Sony Centre in Toronto was the only Canadian stop for DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR by The Moody Blues.

More, the album was played with an orchestra in only two places during the 2-month North American tour (ending in Atlanta on 7/26), Toronto being one (Hollywood Bowl in LA was the other one). We must have treat them well that night in 1968.

Structured as a 2-set concert (setlist available here), the second half was dedicated to the uninterrupted play of the album recorded 50 summers ago at the Decca studios in London. Actor Jeremy Irons appeared twice via the huge LED background screen, for the opening and closing spoken passages of the album. But the real treat was to enjoy the magic of a full blown orchestra in a hall with perfect acoustics (Toronto’s World Festival Orchestra, conductor Elliot Davis – as presented by Justin Hayward at the end).

It was a memorable night but if you missed it, you can catch up with the band and their friends (such as Alan Parsons) during the 2018 Moodies Cruise next January.


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  1. I didn’t realize the orchestra was unique to Toronto and Hollywood! We were so lucky, then! 😀 I’m still on a concert high from Friday’s show. It was fantastic! ♥

  2. Ex Torontonian living in Myrtle Beach SC just watched on my local PBS station absolutely one of the best I’ve seen of which are many. So proud it was from good old TO

    • Thanks for the shoutout, wish we were in SC as we’re bracing for some snow here in good old TO -)

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