The not-to-miss concert this fall in Toronto: Piano Lightscapes (29 Oct 2017)

There is nothing better for your soul this autumnal passage than uplifting live piano music in a spectacular concert place. Wait! There is.

Add a live light-show to the piano&space combo, and you get Piano Lightscapes, a Canadian premiere hosted at 918 Bathurst on Sunday 29 October (it begins at a reasonable 7 PM, for those lazy cats that start thinking of Monday too early).

The Grand Piano vs Visual Piano showdown between CBC Searchlight award winner pianist Teo Milea and German superstar light-artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a re-edit of a wildly successful concert back in 2014, in a similarly special setting, the Theresia Bastion in Timisoara, Romania.

 The space this time is the arts and culture sanctuary at 918 Bathurst. The religious reference is not unintended, as the building served as a temple for Toronto’s Buddhist Church from 1955 to 2005. So if you had your wedding in there, come over and relive those special moments, barring the vows.

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