ORB la Rock din capul lui Moțoc

Riff-uri din Sabbath, efecte de sintezaizer si science fiction: rețetă care-mi place.

ORB sunt trei tribalnici din Australia și fac muzici ca să se simtă ei  bine:

“I suppose the science fiction influence is in the synthesisers – synthesisers always tend to have a bit of a science fiction vibe about them,” Olsen says. “And it’s definitely in the lyrics.  We all read lots of sci-fi, and that always makes interesting topics to sing about. And a lot of the sci-fi books relate to social issues these days, and it can be quite uncanny how much they do. Basically, it just makes something good to sing about.”

live pe www.RadioTrib.ro


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  1. As far as science fiction and synth effects I’ll better stick to space rock from Pink Floyd with ‘Astronomy Domine’ or ‘Interstellar Overdrive’, or Hawkwind’s ‘Space Ritual’ or even better ‘Doremi Fasol Latido’ cause’ it sounds (the title at least) almost, by a letter switch, like the Romanian musical scale and arpeggios I’ve learned in the first musical class in elementary school or kindergarten, I don’t recall exactly, after more than 40 years! 😉 :-))

    Barney Bubbles with his ‘music of the spheres’ (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doremi_Fasol_Latido):

    “The basic principle for the starship and the space ritual is based on the Pythagorean concept of sound. Briefly, this conceived the Universe to be an immense monochord, with its single string stretched between absolute spirit and at its lowest end – absolute matter. Along this string were positioned the planets of our solar system. Each of these spheres as it rushed through space was believed to sound a certain tone caused by its continuous displacement of the ether. These intervals and harmonies are called ‘The Sound Of The Spheres.’ The interval between Earth and the fixed stars being the most perfect harmonic interval.

    * Do – Mars – red
    * Re – Sun – orange
    * Mi – Mercury – yellow
    * Fa – Saturn – green
    * Sol – Jupiter – blue
    * La – Venus – Indigo
    * Ti – Moon – violet ”

    I’m (re)listening now to ‘Brainstorm’ and is almost dragging me read again, a ‘thousandth’ time, on the Overloads in Clarke’s Childhood’s End! 🙂

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