Three 100-year old books about Romania that any Canadian would enjoy

One by Queen Marie, one by Hamilton, Ontario born Ethel Greening Pantazzi and a third one by Mrs. Will. Gordon with the help of Queen Marie.

December 1st is Romania’s national day. It was on December 1st 1918, at the end of War World I, that the Grand Union happened in the city of Alba Iulia in Transylvania.

The books were kindly offered by The Library at University of Toronto to be digitized by

They can be downloaded for tablet reading and are free.

Ordeal; the story of my life [by] Marie, queen of Roumania.

Read or download at this link.

British born Queen Marie of Romania was the grand daughter of Queen Victoria.

Roumania; yesterday and to-day

Queen Marie provided photographs and wrote two chapters of this book.

Download at this link.

Roumania in light & shadow

A Canadian lady fell in love with the captain of a Romanian port and moved to the other side of the world in 1909 to follow her husband.
The diary goes up to the end of 1918, and features the incredible war story of this brave Canadian woman.
An easy to read, beautiful book.
Download or read at this link.


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  1. Following the concert here in Toronto celebrating, on First of December, One Hundred Years anniversary of Romania, here are both Rhapsodies of George Enescu, supported by wonderful aerial views of our country of birth, that will remain in our souls and minds to the day we’ll leave this earth:

    La Multi Ani tara draga, si Sarut Miinile ca m-ai adus pe acest Pamint si m-ai crescut asa cum sint!

  2. Continuând lirica patriotica sa-l ascultam si pe al nostru Celentano:

    On special request from our Canadian guests I might translate this last poetic manifest! 🙂

  3. Being a bibliophile, here is my copy with bookmarks for the chapters of our Queen’s heroic ordeal, in the the form of a personal journal, helping her consort, King Ferdinand I, in building Great Romania, both on the front of First World War as a nurse and in Diplomacy:

    Ordeal: The Story of My Life by Marie, Queen of Roumania (1935)

    And the rest as they say is History!

  4. […] Hamilton-native Ethel Greening Pantazzi fell in love and married a Romanian port commander. She followed him, and from 1909 they lived in Romania, where she wrote a fascinating diary that extended to the end of the war. While she met only the previous Romanian Queen, she writes at large about Queen Marie as well. Her book is available for free on […]

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