FM trips around the world


When I was a child, during the dark ages of communist Romania, long before the internet, I used to pussyfoot into our kitchen after everybody went to bed. Sitting in the dark, I would turn on the radio and then slowly slide up and down the FM dial, and then the AM dial, and finally ‘the magic window to the outside world’: the short wave dial.

I still enjoy taking these radio-dial tours, with equal fascination for the world out there. The cruise is particularly arresting when travelling to a new place, or one visited long ago: an FM trip is a practical way to deep-dive into the local culture.

Baia Mare FM trip
FM trip in Baia Mare, Romania (2013)
FM trip in Varadero, Cuba
FM trip in Varadero, Cuba (2013)
FM trip Cluj, Romania, July 25 2022