(2003-EN) The great Northeast American blackout – Toronto stories


== all recordings are mono, one channel only; if you listen in stereo, it will be one speaker only ==

Radio recordings from the 2003 North American blackout, made in Toronto on Friday 15 August 2003 (the second day of blackout).

At the time, it was the second largest blackout in history.

The mayor in Toronto was Mel Lastman – the first mayor of the “amalgamated” Toronto.

The police chief of Toronto was Julian Fantino.

The premier of the province of Ontario – the only Canadian province affected – was Ernie Eves.


The blackout occurred on Thursday 14 August, shortly after 4 PM, while most of the people (including myself) were still at work.

I had a radio&tape recorder on batteries at home, and just let it record snippets of this historic moment in North America.

Some of the radio hosts you hear in these recordings really seized the moment and made great radio (for example Bill Carroll).