(1995-RO) Radio Galaxia


Note: the audio and video are all in Romanian language.

Recordings from Radio Galaxia 92.10 FM, in my hometown Baia Mare, (county of Maramures, in North Western Romania). I was a member of the founding team in late 1994 and we went live-on-air in the evening of Friday, August 18, 1995.

I played all the music that I wanted, and was a regular on air, doing everything from morning jock to late night host. I LOVED IT!

The most successful show I hosted was GALAHIT, a TOP 10 countdown of favorite hits that I was spinning at a local nightclub, where I was the resident disk jockey. Galahit began in December 1995 and went strong for 164 weeks, up to the end of March 1999. Here is the eBook version of Galahit.

June 2013, Baia Mare

I had the chance to talk about ’20 years of local radio in Baia Mare’ on local cable TV,  at TL+ TV (Romanian language, host Mica Svab).


August 2015, Baia Mare: the 20th anniversary reunion

The link to the public Facebook event that I hosted is here.

Photo 2015-09-15, 7 32 47 PM

Radio Galaxia XX

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June 2018, TV appearance

June 2018 marks the 25th anniversary from the launch of the first private radio station in hometown Baia Mare, Radio Cinemar (I was part of the team in 1993-1994).

While visiting Baia Mare in June 2018, I was the guest of Paul Szaniszlo, former radio coleague at Radio Galaxia, currently host of “Maramures today” at TV Sighet.

November 2018: Marcel Ciascai

15 years after he left hometown Baia Mare for USA, former coleague and founding member of Radio Galaxia, Marcel Ciascai, returns for a visit. He is here the guest of a show at local station TL+, host Mica Svab, herself a former member of Radio Galaxia.