(1995-RO) Radio Galaxia


Note: the audio and video are all in Romanian language.


Recordings from Radio Galaxia 92.10 FM, in my hometown Baia Mare, (county of Maramures, in North Western Romania). I was a member of the founding team in late 1994 and we went live on August 18, 1995.

I played all the music that I wanted, and was a regular on air, doing everything from morning jock to late night host. I LOVED IT!

The most successful show I hosted was GALAHIT, a countdown of favorite hits that I was spinning at a local nightclub, where I was the resident disk jockey. Galahit began in December 1995 and went strong for 164 weeks, up to the end of March 1999.

June 2013, Baia Mare.

I had the chance to talk about ’20 years of local radio in Baia Mare’ on local cable TV,  at TL+ TV (Romanian language, host Mica Svab).


August 2015, Baia Mare: the 20th anniversary reunion:

The link to the public Facebook event that I hosted is here.

Photo 2015-09-15, 7 32 47 PM

Radio Galaxia XX

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Iunie 2018 – 25 de ani de radio local la Baia Mare. Invitatul lui Paul Szaniszlo la emisiunea ‘Maramureșul azi’ de la TV Sighet