First published in 2005, the book is a fascinating, scholarly historic tour – up to modern times – exploring vanished civilizations.

On lonely Easter Island, humans ignored nature, built astonishing monuments to themselves, and guaranteed their own demise. Other civilizations have done, and are doing, much the same thing. In this wonderfully researched and written book, Jared Diamond details the forces that lead to collapse and shows us what we must do to avert crisis. Our grandchildren are counting on us to read and understand it. (Robert H. Waterman, coauthor of In Search of Excellence)

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In 2013, Strut Records publica The Lost Tapes (“benzile ratacite”), recuperate din arhiva personala a lui Rodion Rosca, liderul trupei RODION G.A. din Cluj (1975-1987).

Meritul de a-l aduce pe nea Rodion la lumina dupa atitia ani ii apartine grupului de minunati de la Future Nuggets – citiva entuziasti romani pusi serios pe munca asta infernala, de stat de-a curmezisul uitarii. Ii gasiti pe Facebook sau pe Soundcloud.

Albumul avea sa intoarca pe dos lumea muzicala.  Criticii l-au primit cu interes, DJii l-au remixat, iar nea Rodion avea sa bata lumea in lung si in lat vorbind despre el.

Rodion Rosca
Rodion Rosca

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Ecopop ’92: 21 aprilie 1992 la Sala Polivalenta din Bucuresti.

Survolaj concertau pentru a treia oara in Bucuresti, dupa debutul din aprilie 1991 (vezi aici integral concertul organizat de Bogdan Teodorescu), si aparitia halucinanta din iunie 1991 la Cociock (pe cimpul din spatele Palatului Copiilor), la rasarit de soare dupa prima noapte de festival, cu Motul Pittis rocaindu-si pletana tot concertul pe scena cu ei.

Catalin Teodoreanu, basistul trupei Survolaj, in aprilie 1992 la Ecopop.
Catalin Teodoreanu, basistul trupei Survolaj, in aprilie 1992 la Ecopop.

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I was lucky to be around when multiple award winning, Romanian photographer Silviu Ghetie begun his career.

It was early 1990s, in our Transylvanian hometown Baia Mare, when I befriended Silviu, and occasionally served as a model during his shoots. I loved the cinematic quality coming out of his portraits of mine, and we were jokingly saying that I missed a career in acting. Have a look…

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The  Maximum Rock magazine (a well respected, Romanian language online destination for metal and rock fans) published its 2014 lists.

Dirty Shirt (winners of the second place at Wacken in 2014; they hail from the same part of Transylvania as I do) are the best Romanian metal band.

The cover of "Dirtylicious", Dirty Shirt's 2015 upcoming album.
The cover of “Dirtylicious”, Dirty Shirt’s 2015 upcoming album.

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